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Dry Fire Training Cards Package Amount
Dry Fire Cards, Books, and Reports
Shipping $6.00
Total $ 43.00

Here's Exactly What You're Getting:

  • cardssmall1 Deck of 52 Dry Fire Training Cards that include fundamentals drills, advanced drills, exercise based drills, complex movement drills, and low-light drills printed on high quality card stock on poker-sized cards.
  • dftcbooksmallSpiral bound, lay flat Dry Fire Drills Book with all 52 drills from Dry Fire Training Cards, 2 bonus "amplifier" drills, instructor insights into each drill, as well as how customize the drills to make them easier or harder for you. Just so you know, I paid extra to have this book bound with a spiral binding so that it would be easier to lay flat if you're using it to train without the cards.
  • tftscoversmall Tactical Firearms Training Secrets book, which is the groundbreaking book that inspired Dry Fire Training Cards. Almost 20,000 of your fellow shooters have bought and raved about this book since it was released in mid-2012, giving it an average of 4.5 stars. It goes into the psychology and physiology behind using dry fire training, airsoft training, slow training, and mental imagery to achieve peak shooting performance.
  • SWAT-sClearing Your House With A Firearm report. Look, clearing your house against a determined attacker is something that should be left to TEAMS of highly trained special operations units, but there are times when phones don't work, 911 isn't an option, you've got loved ones on the other end of your house, love trumps logic and reason, and you're going to matter the danger. In those situations, the tips, tricks, and tactics could easily tip the odds in your favor.
  • Behind The Curtain Interview With Mike Hughes: If you're a fan of Top Shot like me and watched season 3, you remember the epic battle to the end between Mike Hughes and Dustin Ellermann. Mike created an incredible dry fire tool called the SIRT that I use every single day. We recently recorded a call that we had that goes into some of the deep science behind firearms training in general and laser trainers, like the SIRT, in particular. In this interview, you'll get a special discount code for the SIRT that could pay for this entire package!
  • sampleDFTCcardsInstant Access to the Printable Version of Dry Fire Training Cards (Because waiting...even a couple of days, sucks.)
  • Instant access to the digital version of Dry Fire Training Drills Book that will go into detail on how to make the drills harder or easier, how to modify them for different circumstances, and the psychology and physiology behind the drills.
  • Instant Access to the Digital Version of Tactical Firearms Training Secrets
  • Instant Access to the Digital Version of Clearing Your House With A Firearm
  • Instant Access to the Digital Version of the Behind The Curtain Interview With Mike Hughes
  • Instant Access to the Digital Version of the US Army Pistol Marksmanship Guide
  • Instant Access to the Digital Version of the US Marine Corps Pistol Marksmanship Guide
  • It's all backed by a 60 day money back satisfaction guarantee!
  • Step by step drills to show you how to improve your shooting 300% in the next 21 days.
  • Small (poker size) and light weight (3 ounces) means there's no excuse not to have them handy for dry fire training or mental rehearsal throughout the day.
  • The variety of drills...from blocking-n-tackling basics to high-speed advanced drills, drills that include movement, and low light drills insure that your brain will always be challenged and that you'll make fast forward progress with your training.
  • How to hardwire skills and lessons learned in training courses so that you won't lose them over time.
  • AND much, much more!

"These cards are brilliant! The biggest obstacle most shooters face is not having enough quality time on the trigger. Dry fire is the stock answer, but few shooters actually do it because of lack of variety. Dry Fire Training Cards are the answer and could single handedly spark a renaissance in extreme shooting performance. "

“These should be required material for any serious student of firearms training.”

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